St. William Catholic Church

Music Ministry



Tenebrae Service

March 29, 2015


The St. William choir presented a Tenebrae Service on Palm Sunday 2015. The program consisted of choral pieces followed by the "Service of Shadows". There are six readings in the "Service of Shadows" with each reading followed by a song relating to the reading. A candle is extinguished after each reading and the church lights are gradually dimmed.

To listen to each part of the program, click on the Track # below. Recordings are in MP3 format.

Track 1    - Piano prelude

Track 2    - Choral piece "On That DayWhen He Rode Into Jerusalem

Track 3    - Reading followed by choral piece "Face the Cross"

Track 4    - Choral piece "Fall, Slow Tears"

Track 5    - Reading "The Betrayal" (Monsignor John Kenneally)

Track 6    - Song "Who Will Betray the Son of God"

Track 7    - Reading "The Agony" (Mary Katherine Arens)

Track 8    - Song "Could You Not Watch with Me One Hour" (Soloist-Johnathen Evans)

Track 9    - Reading "The Arrest" (Kathleen Durham)

Track 10  - Sond "After the Arrest in the Garden"

Track 11  - Reading "The Denial" (Steve Kirk)

Track 12  - Song "The Defense of Simon Peter"

Track 13  - Reading "The Trial" (Marion Cherne)

Track 14  - Song "Jesus Before the People (Soloist-Michael Hinrichsen)

Track 15  - Reading The Crucifixion" (Richard Dusellier)

Track 16  - Song "Christ Crucified"

Track 17  - Song "Jesus, Remember Me"

Track 18  - Closing Prayer (Monsignor John Kenneally)

To view the program for the service, click here